My wish for you is a life that feels free, fun and fulfilling. A life fuelled by creativity, curiosity and the courage to be yourself and follow your heart.

Hello. I'm glad you're here.

I’m Katie. I’m a creative professional, a coach and facilitator, and a small business owner. 

I’m a bunch of other things too, but, they’re the most important things when it comes to introducing what I do and how I might be able to help you. 

My wish for you is a life that feels free, fun and fulfilling: a life fuelled by creativity, curiosity and courage to be yourself and follow your truth and purpose. 

  • I help open-hearted humans find it through a combination of self discovery and creative practice. I offer a small group program called Project Self and 1:1 creativity coaching sessions. 
  • I also help creatives in small business find it through holistic business mentoring. I love working 1:1 with women to help them build and grow a business that suits their unique needs and goals. 

You can read a bit more below about these offerings and more. 

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Ways to work with me

Masterclass series

My recently launched Masterclass series is designed to help you tackle some of the big topics in life, business and creativity by giving you digestible sessions of awesome content in an online Masterclass format. All classes are recorded and can be reviewed by attendees afterwards, and we are working on making the recordings purchasable as well. 

Katie K Masterclass series: view the schedule and register 
(2024 classes will be announced shortly)

That was so inspiring and so much incredible information!
- Judith

Project Self

Project Self is a transformative experience that will help you forge a connected relationship with yourself, build courage and spark your creative joy. The program is a perfect intersection between creative expression and personal growth. During Project Self, you will:

  • Cultivate the courage to be your true self and see yourself with new perspectives and insights
  • Find clarity in your purpose, passions and priorities
  • Unlock your creativity in all areas of your life, and produce work you’re truly proud of

Project Self is my signature program. It’s unique, intimate and connective. We take a maximum of 6 women in each intake and the program goes for 7 months. Project Self is the ultimate form of self-care and dedication to your own personal and creative growth and evolution. 

Project Self: join the waitlist (the next intakes will be in 2024)

I embarked on Project Self as a way to reconnect with that creative part of myself that I thought I had lost. My work had taken up so much space in my life that creativity had been squeezed out. Project Self is a safe and friendly place to rediscover and reintegrate parts of yourself that have been buried or isolated. Katie encourages each of us to explore through creativity, curiosity, and playfulness. She holds space for each of us with kindness and support, allowing each of us to tread our own path, together. I'm so grateful for the insights and epiphanies that have unfolded so far.
- Jeanne

Holistic business mentoring

I currently offer a 6 month private mentorship, which includes the following:

  • Vision & self video lesson + handbook prior to commencement
  • 12 x 90 minute online 1:1 mentoring sessions (approx 1 session every 2 weeks)

Holistic business mentoring: find out more

There are so many parts of this process that I could talk on and on about. Every single tiny step we took together has made such a massive impact to my systems and processes both on a personal level and in a business sense. But I think the true magic here is in the way that you coach, from the place that you stand. Your deep (and considered) understanding of not only business, but people, and who they are in this world is what makes this experience truly exceptional. You facilitate a mindset shift. A re-learning of self. A new way of thinking. A new way of understanding. You have left me with a new level of confidence and self-belief that I have never had before. Along with all the tools I need to continue this journey. Signing up to Katie K was quite simply the very best decision I have ever made for myself and my business.
- Sarah [photographer]

1:1 creativity coaching sessions

Sometimes you just need the right person in front of you. These sessions are practical and loving help for creatives:

  • to get unstuck or wake up your creative joy
  • to work through a block or challenge with your creative work or personal projects
  • to strategise the birth of your creative idea/business/project into the world
  • to change direction in your life/business/work
  • to prepare for awards or create a portfolio
  • to get support with improving your creative skills 

1:1 creativity coaching sessions: book a session

'This is how it is when you're letting it out to the right person.' Thank you for Friday. It was a gift.'
- Sara

Speaking at your event or guest hosting a class

I am a passionate and honest speaker and I share from the heart. I’m introverted but confident and neurospicy to add to the mix. I’m trauma informed, empathic and very adaptable. 

Below are some of the keynotes I’ve delivered in the past, however I can customise a presentation or class about creativity, most business topics, self leadership and self discovery (including a special interest in the nervous system).

  • Feeling things: a personal story about love, art, self and business

  • 5 ways to unlock your creativity and live a happier life

  • 52 Self Portraits: an intimate exploration of the healing power of art

  • Love your business: running a profitable business without hustle and burn-out

  • No-one told me this would happen: when business feels hard and what to do about it

  • You are the source: where creativity comes from, why we get stuck and how to fix it.

If you’d like me on your podcast, at your event or hosting a class for your membership or program, email me: hello at katiek dot com dot au

'Katie delivers pure gold!'
- Libby, Marketing Manager Momento Pro

Coming soon

We’ll shortly be launching some incredible in-person experiences for 2024. Get on the email list to be in the know. 

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More about me & my background

Katie K has a lifetime of creative experience in both practice and facilitating.

Katie was born into a family of artists and has explored almost every form of creative expression since she could walk. Before achieving tertiary qualifications with honours in graphic design, Katie studied theatre (acting) and spent most of her teenage years on stage. Her first entrepreneurial pursuit in her 20s was working as a bookbinder for Australian artists, and later she started a jewellery label. She has worked as a web designer, a publishing manager and a creative branding expert. She became a professional portrait photographer in her early 30s and achieved the highest accolades possible in her genre in the photography profession in Australia in just a few short years. Katie is nothing if not devoted to the pursuit of creativity as a life purpose. 

Katie has been working as a coach since 2019 in both the business and creative spaces and she’s an experienced teacher, leader and the director of two creative businesses. She has done three years of private study in applied neuroscience and is currently completing her certification in Kindred Meditation training. 

Her favourite thing about working with women is their innate ability to access their inner wisdom, felt sense and vulnerability. Her mission is to guide and support women to create lives that honour their needs and passions through self leadership and creativity.

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