Level Up Mastermind

Remove the obstacles stopping you from achieving your goals, step into your true potential and ignite your passion for business.

Do any of these sound familiar?

you really care about your business, but you overthink things, you get easily overwhelmed, you struggle to follow through and sometimes you question whether you have what it takes to be really successful.

you need more clients, more consistency or higher average sales and you feel a bit stuck.

you haven't felt seen and heard and you don't want your business to be built on formulas that don't feel authentic or match your values.

you think it might be time to put your big girl / big boy pants on and get some quality guidance and support from someone who has the type of business you want.

I've been there.

Now I have an amazing business that not only gives me the lifestyle and income I want and need for myself and my family, but it feeds my creativity and makes happy, repeat clients!

And I'm bringing you my wealth of experience and expertise to help you level up your business so you can have that too.

The Level Up Mastermind is for photography business owners who want a smooth, organised money-making business with quality clients on tap.

This group coaching experience with Katie K will have you levelling up:

The best thing about Katie is that she is genuinely focused on bringing out the best in you and your business... and she is crazy good at it. She has helped me navigate the murkiest of waters with grace, understanding, empowerment and a whole lot of heart... and for this I am eternally grateful.

Katie will help you punch through your mental roadblocks and help you take on the world. She brings years of experience to the table with her success at Heartstory photography. Because she is still in the business arena, her advice is relevant and it matters. She will give you clarity on your next steps and best of all, Katie will help you grow as a person and business owner.

What you'll learn

Everything about running a profitable photography business from someone who's actually doing it

Most photography businesses don’t succeed because photographers prefer to put their energy into being creative with their work rather than extending their business skills. But the good news is that business skills can be learnt and business can be just as fun as photography! 

Success is not one thing, it’s a big picture made up of you as an individual (including your needs and values), your work, your profitability, your reputation and the moving parts that keep your business turning over consistently. Focusing on one area can often bring other issues into focus, and Katie believes big picture vision and a holistic approach is what’s missing from most education and coaching programs. 

Level Up focuses on Katie’s 5 pillars of success. 

  • Self [vision, values, boundaries]
  • Voice [brand, style, presence]
  • Client [experience, education, service]
  • Structure [business model, systems, organisation]
  • Profit [marketing, pricing, sales]

Katie is going to guide you through how to troubleshoot and level up each one of these pillars within your own business. Even if you feel confident with one of more of these pillars, there will be something you can gain to help you level up to the highest of standards. Plus you’ll benefit from others’ experiences, questions, triumphs and tribulations. 

Katie is a self-proclaimed leaky hole fixer. She attributes fixing leaky holes to the 30% revenue growth her business has had since the pandemic started. She is tenacious and determined and she will show you all the things you haven’t seen yet, and why those things are stopping you from growth and freedom. 

Your Mastermind access includes all the resources Katie gives to her 1:1 coaching clients, including templates, guides and worksheets. 

Your mastermind seat includes

Yep. I'm in.

Great! It's a no brainer, right?

Why I'm teaching this

I spend most of my time in my coaching business working with photographers one-on-one. And I have found that I am often coaching them through the same challenges and the same obstacles, and helping them find pathways to the same goals and the same successes. 

Challenges and obstacles like:

  • the ever-changing marketing playing field
  • finding and keeping clients that value you and willingly pay your prices
  • how to make processes and strategies feel authentically you, instead of like everyone else
  • organising your time and systemising your business so you don’t burn out. 
(do you relate?)

And goals and successes like:

  • better profitability and personal income that makes you feel proud
  • consistent lead generation 
  • your business feeling easy, heart-led and true to you
  • foolproof and service-oriented client education. 
(sounds good, right?)

My coaching and education is not formula-based or one-size-fits-all (I honestly feel like that’s one of the fastest routes to disconnection and misalignment.) I will always celebrate individuality and I’m committed to helping you cultivate self leadership. But I’m all for holding your hand and being your biggest cheerleader on the way, and if that means some step-by-step instructions, that’s totally fine. As long as it fits you

I also believe in the power of safe group spaces because that’s where our shared challenges and goals become pathways to growth. 

There is comfort in shared experiences, and in witnessing other’s break-throughs. We often feel isolated in our work and forget that there are thousands of others on the same journey that we can draw strength from. Safe group spaces show us we are needed and appreciated too, and that our experiences can help others. Community creates contagious action when it comes to courage, creativity and support.

And, after nearly 15 years in the industry, of growing my business from a one person, part-time, home-based operation with revenue of $30,000 to a small team, in a commercial space with revenue of $700,000+, I am intimately familiar with the obstacles you face and the successes you’ve been hoping for. I’ve been through every single one of them myself. I’ve And I’ve helped dozens of other photographers do it too. 

The program

We kick off Monday July 11 and finish Friday October 14, 2022. 

Dates and times for live coaching and classes will be confirmed shortly. All live coaching and classes will be recorded.

Weeks with no live coaching and classes are reserved for ‘doing the work’ and connecting via the Facebook group.

This is a content rich coaching model. The content pillars are based on Katie’s own business journey, as well as the photography business coaching she’s been doing over the past 3 years. Your work in each pillar will require evaluation and planning, and there will be tasks and worksheets to help you follow through. The Facebook support group is there to help you with anything that may arise.  

The Masterclasses

There is Q&A time at the end of each Masterclass. 

1. Self 

vision / values / boundaries

We’ll be carving out a vision for your future life and business that you are really excited about, and then figuring out how to get from A to B. We’ll be reinvigorating your passion and your ‘why’ by exploring your key values and why they’re so important to your business growth. We’ll be diving deep into how to set boundaries to keep yourself safe and energised in your business, which is especially important as your business grows.  

2. Voice

brand / style / presence

We’ll be looking at how to maximise your business’s presence in the world, auditing your communication platforms, your language and style and helping you make better decisions about how to leverage your ideal client and your USP though your brand. 

3. Client 

experience / education / service

We’ll be looking at how pivotal client education can be and how to work with post pandemic client behaviour. We’ll be fixing leaky holes in your client workflow. We’ll be looking closely at the client experience and how to turn low spenders into high spenders. We’ll also be looking at ‘selling as service’ and how addressing our own money stories can help us serve our clients better.

4. Structure

business model / systems / organisation

We’ll be making sure your business model fits your vision for the future. We’ll be looking at your time management and how your business is functioning from the back-end (the parts your clients don’t see) and making improvements to set you up for greater efficiency and easier growth. 

5. Profitability

marketing / pricing / sales

We’ll be creating (or tweaking) a marketing plan that works in 2022, and how to do this on repeat in the future. We’ll be auditing your pricing and looking at how you can increase your average sales so you’re confidently on the path to finally reach your revenue goal. 

The Hot Seat sessions

These sessions are for you to lay it all on the table and have a whole group of like-minds brainstorming and troubleshooting to resolve your business challenges and give you a fresh perspective. 

It’s not compulsory to put your business into the Hot Seat, but you will gain valuable knowledge by observing those who do. 

What will it feel like when you've finished the Level Up Mastermind?

I want to give you my money

take me to the bit where I sign up.

My story

Our business is a reflection of us. Of what we love, of what makes us tick and of what our needs are both now and in the future. 

Our business is also separate to me/us. It can function without me there all the time. In fact, I started a second business nearly 3 years ago now (the one that brings you this mastermind) because I am so passionate about helping others achieve that elusive thing called ‘success’.  (Which also, by the way, looks different to different people, but is usually made up of the same ingredients – an income that supports your lifestyle, a level of personal satisfaction, a sense of freedom, and a feeling of balance and contentment). 

I do not believe in hustle. I do not believe in working 60 hours a week. I do not believe in bleeding clients dry of all their money in one sale. I believe in ease, alignment and wellness. And I believe in service. 

I’ve experienced the onset of burn-out twice. I’ve ridden the rollercoaster of months of success followed by months of starvation. I’ve felt desperate and envious of others who seem to have it all, and I’ve spent a fortune on trying to get better at the things I hated. I’ve only been supported in my business in the last 4 years and that’s the time we’ve seen the biggest growth – our revenue is more than double what it was 4 years ago. I’m still walking the walk, I still direct our business, I’m in charge of marketing and lead generation and I touch most parts of our business operations on a weekly basis. 

Our business serves 300-350 families a year. We do it in 90 hours a week (divided between 3 people). We have average sales of around $2250 a client. We mostly sell wall art and albums. We have a huge repeat client ratio. We usually have 50-80 bookings ahead us in the calendar at any time. Our business is stable, predictable and profitable – the opposite of most photography businesses. 

I am here to help you make your businesses into what it should be. A creative machine that fulfils your needs, whilst also leaving a legacy for the customers who connect with you. I believe business is an amazing vehicle for personal growth and taking advantage of that has been my biggest success. I want to help you do that too. 

How to lock in your mastermind seat

  1. Read the Level Up Mastermind Membership Terms & Conditions
  2. Choose your payment option and buy seat

Your seat will be confirmed via your payment receipt and a personal welcome email from Katie within 2 business days. 

Doors close July 3rd.

Use xe.com for current currency conversion estimate. $2950AUD is roughly US$2050.

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Get ready to Level Up your business!

It’s going to be a fun ride. 
See you soon! 

Katie K

Level Up Mastermind by Katie K

mentor, speaker, writer, entrepreneur, photographer