project self

find the magic inside you and step boldly into the life you always dreamed of

Growth doesn’t come from shocking yourself or forcing yourself to do something really hard. It comes from slow, supported and intentional steps. It comes from safety and a gradual nudging of the edges of your comfort zone.

Welcome curious human. Let me share something I know to be true.

Creativity is a pathway to wellness, healing, growth, joy, connection, and to deep and powerful self knowledge, love and compassion. And self knowledge, love and compassion is a pathway to a more fun, free and fulfilling life. The most amazing part of that is, we already have exactly what we need. It lives inside us and it's just waiting to be set free...

I know you want to be like the women you see online who make following their passions and dreams look so effortless. You want to be more attuned to your creativity and your intuition, so that you can have a more fulfilling life that feels fun and free.

In order to do that you need to know who you are, who you could become in your “highest expression” (aka the full spectrum of your potential and gifts) and most importantly, what you actually want out of your passions and dreams (because it’s different for each of us). You want a supportive pathway to actually execute all of this that works right now and when your belief wavers.

The problem is you never have time to do the things you want to do, or even to figure it out, which makes you feel like you’re stuck and will never be able to change. Sometimes you question whether this is just the way life is and if you’re being ungrateful. But you can’t shake that feeling that you need and want more.

And that leads to you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, which keeps you stuck where you are, trying to make the most of it. Or it leads to you searching for answers outside of yourself, which creates more busy-ness and overwhelm. And time just keeps on moving.

I believe a big part of what makes this happen is the conditioning women have been born with and have adapted to as they grow up – that we are here to serve others, and that if we take up more space we might be called bossy, selfish, overly sensitive, loud or needy – so we keep ourselves small. But we don’t have to follow that path anymore. We are so much more powerful than we have been led to believe and we deserve to live rich, multi-dimensional passionate lives. Women are born to do this work because of their inner wisdom, intuition and felt sense.

I understand what it is like to be burnt out, time poor, trapped in your life and paralysed by indecision and unworthiness. I understand the struggle of mental health, work/life balance, motherhood and staying connected to who you once were. These things kept me going in circles, living a life that didn’t feel quite right and being a person that didn’t feel quite right either. It wasn’t until I started the deep inner work and joining the dots with my creative explorations, that everything began to make sense and incredible shifts began happening.

A few years ago, I found myself yet again fed up with the repeating patterns in my life – particularly the way I would sacrifice my own needs for work or family. I reflected on my life and had a number of epiphanies about creativity and self leadership and what it means to truly know yourself. I ran a number of programs exploring the relationship between creativity and self, how we show up for ourselves and how we get stuck. The deeper I dove, the more I learnt: the combination of self discovery and creative practice is a pathway to courage, clarity and truth. Despite having lived a creative life since I was born, this process has transformed my own life in so many ways, and this work is responsible for wild creativity, business success, freedom, fulfilment, self leadership and a lot of joy. I am here to help you do the same for your life, I am here to help liberate you from what gets in your way of following your dreams, needs and passions. Your experience of your life matters and I can help you change that experience.

This is why I created Project Self, an intimate and unique group program to show women the magic inside them, unlock their creativity and guide them to build a compassionate and congruent relationship with themselves, so they understand themselves better, create incredible work they love and can boldly step into the life they always dreamed of having. 

What is Project Self?

Project self is the ultimate form of self-care, and dedication to your own creative growth and personal evolution.


During this experience, you will:

  • Cultivate the courage to be unashamedly yourself
  • Find clarity in your purpose, passions and priorities
  • Unlock your creativity in all areas of your life.

Here's how it works

Intakes are kept small (4-6 participants) for safety and ease of connection with others. Membership is for women and NBs only. The container runs for approx 6 months (24 weeks).

Membership includes:

  • Fortnightly 90 minute live sessions (one every two weeks) with Katie, held on Zoom.
  • Weekly guided self-inquiry and creative tasks. 
  • A support group of likeminded humans + Katie for guidance, discussion, insight, reflection and sharing. 

Katie’s focus as leader and facilitator of this completely unique membership is on:

  • Using self discovery, play and exploration to unlock and release your creativity.
  • A guided, reflective approach to teaching you how your nervous system works so you can better understand and support yourself through change and see yourself with new perspectives.
  • Coaching you through road-bumps like self doubt and fear to help you build the courage and confidence to show up as your most authentic self. 
  • A holistic approach to creativity as a resource and a pathway that’s always available and requires practice and commitment, rather than a skillset that requires talent. 
  • A gentle, transformative process which is designed to feel like a journey.

Members are encouraged to have an open-minded approach to creative mediums and to experiment and try new things, including photography, visual arts, writing, object art, crafts and performance. If you have absolutely no idea what or how you want to create, that is absolutely fine, as the platform will help you dive in and support you through the discovery process. You do not need to be a practising artist to do Project Self! 

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Cristy, 2022
Julianna, 2021
Libby, 2023
Jodi, 2021

Project Self delivered on its promise from day one. Gently nudging me out of a decade's long creative black hole, and freeing me from the pressure of perfectionism. It clarified a new way of being where I prioritise my needs, and actively manage my nervous system for a calmer, more fulfilling existence. I know that the benefits of this course will continue long beyond our last session. Thank you Katie for all the enlightenment.

We are planning our next intake to start in late June 2024. If you’re interested in signing up, please book a connection call with Katie (below), or reach out directly via email or instagram. 

Let’s connect

If you’re considering signing up but you’d like to find out more, please book a free connection call below.

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What can I expect?

These are just a few of the outcomes you can expect to notice during and after completing Project Self.

  • You will have produced creative work that you current self cannot believe is possible.
  • You will understand yourself better and have a much larger capacity for self compassion, self leadership and self love. 
  • You will have tools and resources that you can use forever to access, unlock and express your creativity. 
  • You will have received a huge boost in your courage and confidence to show up, be your authentic self and advocate for your needs and desires. 
  • You will have tools and resources that you can use forever to ground, regulate and unstick yourself. 
  • You will have an integrated and holistic approach to creativity and creative practice and how it serves you. 

This project is an opportunity:

  • to venture outside your comfort zone in a safe space
  • to take a leap, knowing you have a soft landing place
  • for learning about yourself, your nervous system and how to take more meaningful care of yourself
  • for constructive reflection and introspection
  • for connection with incredible like-minded creatives who could become friends for life
  • to grow your skills and passions in any creative medium
  • to transform your life into whatever you want it to be.

Who is Project Self for?

There are so many ways Project Self can enrich, empower and transform your life. If you identify or resonate with any of the following, it's for you.

  • You are a fledgling ‘artist’ (in a specific medium or no determined medium as yet) and you want to learn how to expand your creative skills and find your artistic voice.
  • You have always been attracted to ‘the arts’, but consider yourself more of an observer or consumer than a creative. (Deep down inside, you really want to learn how to be creative.)
  • You are a professional artist (photographer, painter, mixed media, performer, writer etc) and would like a new space in which to explore, express and grow.
  • You are an entrepreneurial human who is looking for an avenue and a structure to help guide you in creating more authentic content, whether for your brand or future projects.
  • You are a leader in your field and you’re fascinated by the potential of this project to expand your capacity.
  • You want to extend and/or adapt your artistic skills into new areas and need a safe space in which to do it.
  • You are an explorer and you love trying out new experiences and connecting with other humans.
  • You have a deep need to make space in your life for meaningful self-care, and time that is just for you and/or your creative soul.
  • You want to be more courageous and confident in your life.
  • You want to re-ignite your creative spark and love of art.
  • You’re feeling heavy, burnt out or disconnected and you need something to focus on that will help you feel like yourself again.
  • You want to have a better relationship with yourself.
  • You haven’t done anything that’s just for you in forever and you miss it.
  • You want to be your best self.
  • You want to feel more connected with other people.
  • You’re attracted to opportunities for personal growth and self development.

I embarked on Project Self as a way to reconnect with that creative part of myself that I thought I had lost. My work had taken up so much space in my life that creativity had been squeezed out. Project Self is a safe and friendly place to rediscover and reintegrate parts of yourself that have been buried or isolated.

I'm ready for creative transformation.

Are you in?

About your Project Self guide

Katie K has a lifetime of creative experience in both practice and facilitating.

Katie was born into a family of artists. Her mother is a textile artist and a photographer, while having accomplishments in printmaking, pottery and botanical illustration. Her father has dedicated his life to drawing and painting. Katie has explored almost every form of creative expression since she could walk – drawing, painting, embroidery, calligraphy, dance, singing, music, acting, poetry, creative writing, paper making, bookbinding, directing, jewellery making and more. 

Before achieving tertiary qualifications with honours in graphic design, Katie studied theatre (acting) and spent most of her teenage years on stage. Her first entrepreneurial pursuit in her 20s was working as a bookbinder for Australian artists, and later she started a jewellery label. She has worked as a web designer, a publishing manager and a creative branding expert. She became a professional portrait photographer in her early 30s and achieved the highest accolades possible in her genre in the photography profession in Australia in just a few short years. Katie is nothing if not devoted to the pursuit of creativity as a life purpose. 

Katie has been working as a coach since 2019 in both the business and creative spaces and she’s an experienced teacher, leader and the director of two creative businesses. She has completed private study in neurosciences and is a certified Kindrêd teacher (movement meditation). 

Her favourite thing about working with women is their innate ability to access their inner wisdom, felt sense and vulnerability. This is the foundation of creativity and self expression, so she knows you are born to do this work.

Self portrait by Katie K, 2022
Self portrait by Katie K, 2012

As a woman I'm very experienced at holding space for others. This project was a gentle and non judgemental vehicle to show me how to pick up the tools and learn strategies to hold space for myself. Every woman who is ready for that should do this project.

The structure & details

The project has three blocks.. 

  1. Permission & curiosity. Self inquiry, setting intentions and learning new concepts and practices to support your journey. 8 weeks, 4 calls.
  2. Courage & exploration. Deepening your practices, having fun, trying things, expressing yourself, nervous system work. 8 weeks, 4 calls. 
  3. Clarity & embodiment. Overcoming fear and doubt, leaning into self leadership, creating a body of work. 8 weeks, 4 calls. 
Group calls are usually on Thursdays or Fridays (dates and times confirmed once the group is finalised) every two weeks. Most calls will explore project themes through discussion, as well as sharing of work and progress, while some will have more of a Masterclass vibe. It’s important that you can attend the majority of the live calls, and that if you miss some, you are dedicated to showing up in the support group and watching the recording as soon as possible afterwards. 

Each week there will be a creative or self discovery task to complete, and you will submit this into our support group. The support group is also there as an anchor, for weekly updates, receiving guidance/insight and connecting with each other. 


Payment options are:

  • $2900 pay in full
  • 6 x $500 monthly payments

Katie recommends devoting one hour of time every week to Project Self (not including the 90 minute calls every second week), however advises that the deeper your investment, the more you’ll gain. 

If you’re considering signing up but you’d like to find out more, or connect with Katie to see if Project Self is right for you, please book a free connection call below. 

Enrol in Project Self

We are planning our next intake to start in late June 2024. If you’re interested in signing up, please book a connection call with Katie (below), or reach out directly via email or instagram. 

Payment plan details will released when the new dates are confirmed. 

The first payment is due at time of enrolment, and the remaining payments will be on the same day of each subsequent month until 7 payments are made. 

5 reasons to do Project Self

1. Because any growth that you have personally and creatively will have a spillover effect into your business, your professional career and your personal life.

2. For your future self to look back on with compassion and insight for you and your life.

3. To overcome the fear of being courageous and vulnerable.

4. The gift of time each week to create or express something just for you, with no judgement or expectation.

5. To slowly and gently ignite or reignite your creative juices.