A retreat for women seeking joy, creativity and connection.

23-27 May 2024, Yallingup WA

Everything beautiful starts with a spark.

Welcome beauty.

You're invited to a unique creative retreat curated for women and nonbinary people to honour and reconnect with yourself and your inner world, in service of a more creative, fun, authentic and self compassionate life.

Spark will nourish you inside and out, and leave you deeply inspired, ready to step into your next chapter.

I know you’re craving the space to reconnect with your dreams and passions and discover a pathway to the most authentic and congruent version of you. You want to feel more attuned to your creativity and intuition, and you want to feel more courageous, confident and supported in your life.

In order to do that you need to know who you are, who you could become in your “highest expression” (aka the full spectrum of your potential and gifts) and most importantly, what you actually want out of your dreams and passions (because it’s different for each of us). You want experiences that will help you find all of that right now and when your belief wavers. You want the space and time to do this in a way that feels supported, nourishing, safe and fun.

That’s why we created Spark, a retreat designed for women and non binary people to be inspired, supported and taken care of. 

With insightful sessions on self discovery and your nervous system, grounded breathing and movement meditation practices, joyful art-making workshops with guest artists, natural healing experiences, connective group activities and more, Spark will help you:

  • Discover hidden parts of you so that you can be more in touch with yourself and your authentic voice
  • Awaken joyful creative expression so you can unlock your imagination for the ultimate freedom and access to your gifts
  • Connect with your body so you can show up for yourself and honour your feelings and your experiences
  • Uncover the secrets of your system so that you have the knowledge and insight to continue your personal evolution journey in a way that feels right to you and aligns with your own lived experiences
  • Expand your courage and confidence so that you can make the changes you’ve been wanting to make
  • Rest, replenish and fill your cup so you can return to your life feeling amazing about what’s to come and be your favourite version of you.

Spark is a re-set, a rejuvenation, an awakening, a metamorphosis and an embrace.

What to expect

We gather at Premalaya (House of Love), on Wadandi Boodja country, surrounded by nature, tucked up in stunning accommodation, fed amazing food, with a thoughtful itinerary of enriching experiences.

The Spark experience is designed to make you feel completely taken care of, with nothing required of you but to show up. Using principles of applied neuroscience to create an environment that feels joyful, inspiring and safe for you to be yourself, we will share, play, explore together.

Your retreat ticket includes accommodation (shared & private rooms are available) in Premalaya’s beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartments, all meals, the full retreat itinerary including workshops, a mini photography session with digital images and a gift bag.

At the conclusion of Spark, you will feel spacious, rested, nourished, inspired, joyful and in touch with the ‘most expressed’ version of you (ie, the you that is living out your full potential). You will have new perspectives, insights and knowledge about yourself, creativity and your life. You will feel renewed courage and confidence in yourself and your path forwards. You will feel more connected to yourself, others and you will want to take up more space in the world doing the things you love.

The story of how sparks are born

You rarely have time to do the things you want to do, to take care of yourself beyond the essentials, or even to figure out what that looks like to you, which makes you feel like you’re stuck and will never be able to change. You also struggle to spend money on yourself if it’s not related to your family or your work, and you tend to put yourself at the end of the list of needs in your life. Sometimes you question whether this is just the way life is and if you’re being ungrateful and wanting unrealistic things. But you can’t shake that feeling that you need and want more out of your life.

And that leads to you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, which keeps you stuck where you are, trying to make the most of it. Or it leads to you searching for answers outside of yourself, which creates more busy-ness and overwhelm. And time just keeps on moving.

I believe a big part of what makes this happen is the conditioning women have been born with and have adapted to as they grow up – that we are here to serve others, and that if we take up more space we might be called bossy, selfish, overly sensitive, loud or needy – so we keep ourselves small. But we don’t have to follow that path anymore. We are so much more powerful than we have been led to believe and we deserve to live rich, multi-dimensional, passionate lives. But we need time to explore this and it is so hard to find it with everything else we have to do in our lives. We want soul enriching and nourishing experiences that honour who we are, and unfortunately everyday life makes it hard for us to follow these desires and intentions.

I understand what it is like to be burnt out, time poor, trapped in your life and paralysed by indecision and unworthiness. I understand the struggle of mental health, work/life balance, motherhood and staying connected to who you are. These things kept me going in circles, living a life that didn’t feel quite right and being a person that didn’t feel quite right either. It wasn’t until I started the deep inner work and joining the dots with my creative explorations, that everything began to make sense and incredible shifts began happening. 

A few years ago, I found myself yet again fed up with the repeating patterns in my life – particularly the way I would sacrifice my own needs for work or family, as if everything else was more important than me. I reflected on my life and had a number of epiphanies about creativity and self leadership and what it means to truly know yourself and become the fullest or highest expression of yourself. I ran a number of programs exploring the relationship between creativity and self, how we show up for ourselves and how we get stuck. The deeper I dove, the more I learnt: the combination of self discovery and creative practice is a pathway to courage, clarity and truth. Despite having lived a creative life since I was born, this process has transformed my own life in so many ways, and this work is responsible for wild creativity, business success, freedom, fulfilment, self leadership and a lot of joy. 

I am here to help you do the same for your life. I am here to help liberate you from what gets in your way of following your dreams, needs and passions. I am here to give you the gentle nudges and new doorways that your soul is craving to step into a more authentic expression of who you are. Your experience of your life matters and I can help you change that experience. I have been to dozens of retreat experiences over the years and I know the ingredients needed to create safe and explorative in person experiences, and also why ‘in person’ can often be the most transformative (because of how the social engagement system in our brains work).

This is why I created Spark, a nourishing and joyful retreat that takes care of you by showing you the magic inside you, unlocking your creativity and guiding you into self-compassionate insight and perspective so you can recognise where you’re being held back, and step forwards with more courage and confidence into the life you always dreamed of having. Spark is an enriching self-care experience and ultimately represents commitment to your personal and creative growth and evolution.

You have incredible magic inside you. It lies in wait, in your heart and your imagination. Let’s make sparks. 

Katie xo

I'm in, take me to the booking page.

I signed up because I was feeling disconnected from myself, and really wanted to reward myself for working so damn hard for so long. Such a simple concept, and yet so profound in helping me to travel back to my inner world – where my own answers were sitting in there waiting for me to pay attention. I have really valued this experience and feel very grateful to Katie.

The itinerary

Spark has been curated with deep respect for individual needs, nervous systems and neuro-diversity and so there is itinerary optionality, plenty of rest time, nourishing food for all dietary requirements, and a range of sleeping choices.  

Each morning at retreat starts with you and your choice of what will fill your cup: a yoga class, an ocean swim, or a sleep-in. 

Breakfast is served on the communal balcony each morning from 8am. 

The main program runs from 9.30-5pm each day, with down-time in between workshops and around meal-times so you can socialise, go for a walk, or simply disappear to your room for some quiet time. 

Dinners are also communal and on some nights there will be optional post dinner activities. 

The following itinerary is a guide only and may change as we approach retreat.


Day 1, Thursday

3pm check in to your accommodation at Premalaya. 

Retreat opening and intro with Katie K.

Group dinner and sound bath healing session. 


Day 2, Friday

Today will be a deep dive into self discovery and your unique nervous system. Less about science and more about you, Katie will guide you through insightful self discovery practices and movement meditation to unlock your imagination. You’ll also have a group class with Tracey on the physiology of breath (please note, this is not breathwork). 

Group lunch and a group dinner.


Day 3, Saturday

Today will be full of joyful creative experiences hosted by Rachel Callander and Alex Butler. We will also have an off-site workshop in the late afternoon. 

Group lunch at Premalaya.

Group dinner off-site (TBC).


Day 4, Sunday

Today is the day for an individual empowerment photography session with our retreat photographer Belle, an ice bath and sauna experience hosted by Premalaya (optional) and some free time for processing and integration. 

Group dinner & celebration.

Day 5, Monday

We will have our final breakfast together at 8am with a short closing session afterwards.

Check out is at 10am.

Who is Spark for?

Spark is for all women and NB folk who resonate with any of the following:

  • Love nature, creativity and art and want to invite more into your life. 
  • Feel tired, heavy, disconnected, burnt out or you’ve lost your spark.
  • Want to step deeper into personal growth and take up more space in your life.
  • Haven’t had time out from ‘normal life’ in ages.
  • Want more clarity, confidence, courage or connection in your life. 
  • Want to re-ignite your creative spark and love of art and self expression.
  • Want to learn new things & meet new people.
  • Want to feel seen, held and taken care of. 
  • Haven’t done anything that’s just for you in forever.

About your host

My wish for you is a life that feels free, fun and fulfilling, fuelled by creativity and the courage to be yourself and follow your heart, passions and intuition.

Katie was born into a family of artists and has explored almost every form of creative expression since she could walk. Before achieving tertiary qualifications with honours in graphic design, Katie studied theatre (acting) and spent most of her teenage years on stage. Her first entrepreneurial pursuit in her 20s was working as a bookbinder for Australian artists, and later she started a jewellery label. She has worked as a web designer, a publishing manager and a creative branding expert. She became a professional portrait photographer in her early 30s and achieved the highest accolades possible in her genre in the photography profession in Australia in just a few short years. Katie is nothing if not devoted to the pursuit of creativity as a life purpose. 

Katie has been working as a coach since 2019 in both the business and creative spaces and she’s an experienced teacher, leader and the director of two creative businesses. She has done three years of private study in applied neuroscience and is currently completing her teaching certification in Kindred Meditation. 

Her favourite thing about working with women and non binary people is their innate ability to access their inner wisdom, felt sense and vulnerability. Her mission is to guide and support you to create a life that honour your needs and passions through self knowledge and creativity.

Our guest facilitators

Rachel Callander

At 15 years old, Rachel was told by her high school art teacher that art could actually be a career. This was the greatest news of her life. From that moment on, Rachel dedicated herself to gaining entry to the Dunedin School of Art, New Zealand, to study for a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Rachel graduated in 2005 with a BFA majoring in Photography. Along the way she toyed with the idea of becoming a sculptor, and really loved painting too, but it was photography that captured her heart and mind, and after graduating, she set up her own wedding and portrait photography business in Dunedin, NZ in 2006.

Rachel is now an author, trainer, artist, speaker and patient advocate. 

Rachel’s uplifting, inspiring and energy-filled message and art practice busts some of the many myths about creativity. That some of us do not have a “single creative bone in our body”, that it is a “waste of time”, “creativity is only for artists”, and that people should “leave it to the experts”. As humans, we are creativity. If we have the ability to ask questions of ourselves, of our environment, of others, of our systems, and have an attitude of curiosity, that is creativity. This spirit of curiosity is vital in all areas of our life, from our relationships, to our work, to our wellbeing, to every part of our world. Creativity is the energy that drives innovation, change and invigoration. 


Belle Verdiglione

Award-winning published photographer. Speaker. Proud mama of two. Unapologetic feminist, collector of punk records, and enthusiastic Espresso Martini drinker (but not all at the same time…usually.).
Belle Verdiglione is your break-the-rules mindset and business coach, speaker, and founder of Camera Queens, a female and non-binary photography community. You can Belle chatting to rad humans on her Camera Queens podcast
Belle is a pioneer in embodied Potent Identity® Photography. Using her leadership and legacy as the example, Belle personifies what’s possible when we let our most vulnerable edges conceive new levels of creativity that truly change how we see ourselves.

After 9 years as an award winning and published birth photographer, deep personal growth paved a new path in Belle’s professional career, to elevate the power, purpose and potential of creative entrepreneurs and visionaries that bring radical rawness and authenticity to the forefront of our world.

Her work mirror’s her own fierce stand for women’s empowerment, with an importance in celebrating the identity of all women, irrespective of size, culture and age. By emulating what her previous work created for the birthing world, Belle hopes to attract widespread exposure to Potent Identity® Photography through her role as a speaker, to revolutionise how all humans around the world are seen in their intimate stories.

Alexandra Butler

Alex is a self taught potter, small business owner to Bless this Mess Ceramics and a single mama powerhouse to 3 kids under 8. Calling Margaret River home led her to her now undying love for all things ceramic. She works in various different ways with clay but almost always create something to do with the female form.

Bless this Mess began with a single female form sculpture in 2020. Alex sat at my work table (previously used for editing photographs on my laptop for clients) and played with a small ball of yellow clay until it slowly became the one thing that is most familiar to me in this world…her body. She didn’t have any expensive tools or extensive training in pottery, just a few wheel throwing classes up her sleeve and a very distinct drive to create something from nothing with her two hands. What she didn’t know at the time was how much that drive to create with clay would eventually lead to healing the state of her mental health.

She found a studio to base herself out of in 2021 and then renovated half the space into an area that she could host workshops out of. At the start of 2022 she taught her first boobie mug workshop and had an absolute ball with the women who attended. Each piece turning out so unique and hearing the stories they all spoke freely. She’s since taught many more female form pottery workshops and developed an online course version for my community.

Tracey Anderson-Askew

Tracey is a teacher, childbirth and parenting educator and hypnotherapist. She is also the Founder and Director of Transform Parenting and the Better Breathing centre in Canberra. She became fascinated by breathing when she could see how it made birth more manageable for women this led her to study the physiology, and the Breatheability method of breathing retraining. She eventually took over the clinical practice of this organisation and helps people to retrain their breathing to overcome many health issues where breathing is a problem. 

She is a self confessed breathing nerd and loves to show people how they can harness the super power of the breath. She has taught this powerful knowledge at conferences, in universities, hospitals, the public service and businesses and anyone she sits next to on planes or in cafes Tracey is also the the mother of four boys and she has a study nook in her home she calls the Vagina Room. 


Our amazing venue Premalaya (meaning ‘house of love’) comes with so much goodness for all our attendees. Hayley and the Premalaya team are providing our nourishing food, facilitating our ice bath / sauna experience and providing yoga and sound bath sessions. 


I'm ready to be taken care of.

What's included

We don't want you to have to think about anything other than fully immersing yourself in the retreat experience.

Your ticket is inclusive of just about everything for 4.5 days: 

  • 4 nights accommodation in one of Premalaya’s stunning self-contained 2 bedroom apartments.
  • All meals from day 1 dinner through to day 5 breakfast. The food is nourishing vegan food suitable for almost every dietary requirement, prepared by on-site staff and includes pressed juice with every meal. Coffee and tea will also be provided. 
  • Exclusive access to the property, which includes use of the communal deck, the studio space and the grounds.  Premalaya is a short drive from wineries, beaches and hiking trails in the Margaret River region. 
  • All activities, workshops and experiences on the retreat itinerary, including materials. 
  • Morning yoga classes on-site at Premalaya.
  • A guided sauna and ice-bath experience on-site at Premalaya.
  • A personal photography session and your own gallery of images (provided post retreat). 
  • A beautiful gift bag to help you remember and integrate what you’ve learnt.

What’s not included:

  • Transport to Premalaya/Margaret River.
  • Snacks and alcohol are not included, but you are welcome to bring your own.
  • Transport around the area is not included, however we expect many attendees to have cars with them and we will aim to carpool wherever we can. Most activities will take place at Premalaya. 

Spark will nourish your mind, body, heart and soul and leave you feeling seen, held and rested.

It has been a special time that I gifted myself. Although not always easy to do, I came to understand parts of me I didn't really like or know. Despite feeling like I bared my soul at times, risking vulnerability was something I became stronger with. I knew I could share me and my vulnerabilities in the group, feel safe and not be judged. I came to place of reconciliation where I accepted me in those moments and what I was experiencing, celebrating or processing.

Retreat details

Retreat starts on the afternoon of Thursday 23rd May and concludes after breakfast on Monday 27th May 2024.

The retreat will take place at Premalaya, 1701 Wildwood Road, Yallingup, WA, 6282 (Margaret River region). 

Retreat tickets are all inclusive of everything you need for 5 days. 

Booking your ticket

Accommodation is in Premalaya’s own stunning  2 bedroom + 2 bathroom apartments.  The apartments are fully self contained with their own living space and kitchen. You can choose a private room ticket or a shared room ticket (shared rooms are mostly single beds).
If you’re going with a friend, make sure you buy your tickets on the same day and send an email to let us know so we can put you in the same room or apartment, depending on your preferences. 

Shared room tickets:

  • $3800 pay in full, OR
  • 5 x monthly payments of $770
Private room tickets:
  • $4200 pay in full, OR
  • 5 x monthly payments of $850

Book your place at Spark

Spark tickets are inclusive of 4 nights accommodation, all food and non alcoholic beverages from dinner on day 1 to breakfast on day 5, all activities and workshops on the itinerary. You are responsible for getting yourself to and from the venue and any additional snacks or drinks you wish to bring. 

Choose from: 

  • ‘pay in full’ or ‘payment plan’ in a shared room (2 in one bedroom, separate beds, shared bathroom)
  • ‘pay in full’ or ‘payment plan’ in a private room (your own bedroom and bathroom) 

Accommodation at Premalaya is made up of beautiful 2 bedroom + 2 bathroom apartments with full living area and kitchen in each. 

Click ‘get started’ on the option you want below and it will take you to a payment page. Once you’ve paid in full or commenced your payment plan with the first payment, your place at Spark is confirmed. 

The Spark payment plan is 5 x monthly payments. The first payment is due at time of booking, and the remaining payments will be on the same day of each subsequent month until 5 x payments are made.