Hey there, I'm Katie K.

I facilitate experiences that help open-hearted, curious humans delve into self discovery and creative practice in service of freedom, fun and fulfilment.

I also help creatives in small business to grow efficient, heart-led, profitable businesses that give them a life that feels free, fun and fulfilling.

I’m an X-gen weirdo who was born to artist parents and I’ve spent my whole life exploring my passions and figuring out hard stuff. I love travel, coffee, good food, binge-watching great TV series, sunsets, sunshine, pickled things, babies, deep conversations, hugs, beautiful views, and sliding into bed at the end of a big day. I don’t like small talk, instruction manuals, overripe bananas and mean people. 

My friends say I’m honest, driven and fun.

I laugh and cry easily and I’m mostly powered by human connection, personal growth and building things.

Teaching has always been a big passion of mine, and something I have kept coming back to. Over the past 15+ years I have done traditional classroom teaching and workplace training, 1:1 mentoring and coaching, group workshops, masterclasses and seminars, and been a keynote speaker at a number of big events in the photography industry.

I believe life should feel good. Hard things are inevitable. But we can do them better when we are powered with truth and purpose and fuelled with creativity and curiosity. 

I work with creative business owners in a 1:1 capacity. 

I lead an online group membership called Project Self. 

I offer talks, group workshops and masterminds about self, creativity & business.  

A passion for business

I’m proud to say, I’ve been running a successful, profitable creative business for ~15 years.

I started Heartstory as a part-time sole-trader in 2009, and now in 2022, it is a small team in a commercial space, photographing 300+ families a year. Heartstory is my family’s livelihood, so what I know and can share/teach is both relevant and current because I’m actually doing it right now.

This is one of my points of difference in the world of coaching and mentoring. Most of the truly valuable stuff I know, I taught myself through research and experience. That means I’ve made a lot of mistakes and a few genius moves. But what I believe in most is hard work, determination, adaptability and the desire to keep learning. Those things are more important for success than anything you can learn at university.

offer a very limited number of places each year for 1:1 holistic business mentoring. I also offer occasional workshops and an annual masterminds specifically for photographers. 

A passion for creativity & self exploration

Creativity is a pathway to wellness, regulation, joy, growth, healing, self-love, and connection.

Lived experience tells me that creativity is part of being human, therefore everyone is innately creative. Unfortunately most of us lose the natural spark as we move from childhood to adulthood, and even those of us who choose creative careers struggle to stay connected to our creative source.

Creativity comes from within, and can’t be separated from who we are, what drives us and sparks our joy. Getting to know ourselves on a deeper level is the foundation of integrated and authentic creativity. But we live in a world that is driven by consumption and achievements and that energy is in direct opposition to the energy of self and creativity.

I create safe and transformative spaces for the purpose of unlocking what is deep within us: our own unique creative blueprint of heart, mind, body and spirit. Spaces for those who have spent most of their lives in a state of unknowing and for those who have forgotten how to love and nurture their creative selves.

Currently, my main offering is Project Self, but new things are coming in 2023, including in person retreats.

The goal of this work is to help people integrate self-led creative practice into their lives, to connect more deeply with who they are, so that with those skills they can reach their true potential and find freedom and fulfilment.

Creativity is an infinite resource that we always have access to. A more creative world is a safer, happier and healthier one.

Like all successful business owners

I’ve had some enormous challenges to contend with over the time I’ve been in business, including:

These challenges have made me a better business person, a stronger, more capable human and a more passionate teacher.

I love the flexibility and power that working for yourself gives you, and it sets my soul on fire to have the honour of helping others to transform their lives and businesses to be more profitable, more efficient, with happier clients, while giving you more time in your precious life for the people and things that mean the most to you. 

I have a special interest in neuroscience and psychology and have been undertaking study in that area since 2020. I approach all my work from a trauma aware perspective, with the aim of creating safety first, then leaning into self exploration, and building into the chosen work from there. 

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