A wholehearted approach to life, business and creativity.

Well hello!

I’m Katie K.

I help creatives and small business owners to grow efficient, heart-led, profitable businesses that give them more time for all the other things in life.

I’m left/right brain balanced, an empath, an ambivert and I’m still trying to work out my Enneagram. I love travel, coffee, good food, binge-watching great TV series, sunsets, sunshine, babies, deep conversations, hugs, beautiful views, and sliding into bed at the end of a big day.

My friends say I’m honest, driven and fun. I laugh and cry easily and I’m mostly powered by human connection, personal growth and building things.

Hey Creative Entrepreneur!

I’m a mentor, speaker, writer and owner of two businesses. I love helping people find their potential, take control of their lives and be the best version of themselves.




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On the blog

Feb 09
Work Habits

Something that you’ll never get a refund on

How many times have you heard someone something along the lines of ‘spend as much time with your kids as possible while they’re little because you can never get that time back’. I find that …

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Jan 12
Mindset & Philosophy

Which is your most dominant energy?

About this time last year I found myself in an unproductive and negative headspace. I’m generally a high energy, get-shit-done person and usually have a very optimistic outlook, so it was obvious something was out …

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Dec 03
Work Habits

You need to stop doing this thing

It seems to me that there is an obsession in the world these days with being busy and successful and accomplishing lots of things. And that there’s some kind of rite of passage for entrepreneurs …

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6 Time Management Tips For Busy Creatives

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