What I offer

My offerings are designed for curious, open-hearted humans.  

1:1 holistic business mentoring

Project self

A unique year-long creative experience and deep-dive into you. This membership cultivates courage, creativity, self compassion and is a true gift to yourself, your heart and your inner artist. For women and non-binary only.

Collaborations & speaking engagements

I am an experienced speaker and facilitator, and I love collaborating with values-aligned creatives, coaches and educators. Contact me directly to chat!

My favourite topics are  

My approach

I believe there is an important connection between self, creativity and how we work, especially for creative practitioners and creative business owners.

I believe that creativity is the heart and soul of our society, and that it should be respected and celebrated just as much as non-creative professions. I also believe it plays an important role in our mental health and nervous system regulation. I am whole hearted and holistic in everything I do. 

I am a big picture visionary, who is sensitive, empathic and trauma-aware. I don’t like formulas or fitting into boxes. Hundreds of shades of grey are more beautiful than black and white.  I am an expert problem-solver and I use my abilities to help others flourish and carve out the life and business they deserve.

I don’t believe in working 50 weeks a year or 60 hours a week. I don’t believe in sacrificing mental health or family for work, even if you love what you do. And I definitely don’t believe in settling for $10/hour like so many business owners do just because they’re lucky enough to do what they love!

I have used my superpowers in my own businesses (I have two) to:

I have a special interest in neuroscience and psychology and have been undertaking study in that area since 2020. I have tertiary qualifications in graphic design with a rich and varied work history prior to becoming a professional photographer and starting my first business. I have a long list of photography awards behind me, demonstrating just how hard I work to achieve my goals. 

Am I the right coach or mentor for you?

I work with creatives and small business owners at any stage of your journey. I’m a big believer in trusting your instincts. If it feels right, it probably is!

If you can identify with one or more of the following, you and I are going to be the perfect team:

If you want to work with me, you need to be willing to make changes and do the work. I am an open book and I am here for you: I will guide you, support you, be your biggest cheerleader and help you come up with strategies so you can move forwards confidently and create the life you dream of.

Mentoring can sometimes feel like traditional coaching – where we’re working through blocks and challenges together, sometimes it can feel like strategy sessions and sometimes it can feel consultative. I take my lead from you, but also, I guide you towards the outcomes that we identify together.

1:1 Holistic Business Mentoring

1:1 Mentoring is conducted on zoom in pre-booked 90 minute blocks. All sessions are recorded and made available to you afterwards.

It is my personal experience that a 6-month commitment is a challenging and stretchy thing to do. It’s your first big and necessary step towards courageous change. 6 months is also enough time to break habits, create new ones, and to get a lot of work done. If you’ve never done this before, you will need to put some trust in yourself, me and the process of what it means to be supported. It’s not easy, but it’s transformative.


6 months private mentorship with Katie K

What we cover

Mentoring is always customised to you and your unique situation, challenges and goals. You will create a vision for your future before we start, and you will likely create additional goals as we work together and as you make changes to your life and business.

The following list gives you an idea of some of the big topics that come up during mentoring, but this is not everything…

Time management. Designing a less hectic and more productive life for your business and your family. This is my superpower!

Strategy. Looking at the big picture. Setting goals, number crunching, creating a vision and a map to get there. 

Workflow. Helping you get in control of what happens in your business on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Personal development. Figuring out what you need, how to get rid of your blocks, how to start smashing goals and being the best version of you.

Pricing. Auditing your pricing and ensuring that you’re set up for profitability and practicality.

Client management. Developing processes, communicating well, dealing with objections, the psychology behind the client experience.

Managing finances. Taking the pain out of that big old mess of numbers that most of us don’t like very much and helping you create habits that will work for you.

Marketing. Getting bums on seats in a totally organised way. Planning in advance, so you’re not just reacting to the ebbs and flows of your business, but you’re in charge of them. 

Branding. Identifying what you need to do to develop, clarify and strengthen your brand through visuals, language and presence.

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