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Something that you’ll never get a refund on

How many times have you heard someone something along the lines of ‘spend as much time with your kids as possible while they’re little because you can never get that time back’. I find that phrase quite annoying because for me, there is more to life than raising little people and when someone says that it makes me question (and potentially feel guilty about) the other things I’m spending my precious time on. For others, it’s a great reminder about priorities. Whichever way you look at it, it’s truth. Time goes fast. There are no refunds. My Ten Time Management Philosophies

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You need to stop doing this thing

It seems to me that there is an obsession in the world these days with being busy and successful and accomplishing lots of things. And that there’s some kind of rite of passage for entrepreneurs to have spent a period of their lives working 80 hours a week and had years go by without a single holiday and other such dangerous habits, in order to achieve financial goals or a certain level of fame and popularity. (Personally, I can think of nothing worse than spending all my time focusing on work and nothing else. Life is multi-faceted and rich with

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